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Education and Training in Controlled Environment Agriculture 

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Now, perhaps more than ever, people are better understanding the importance of supply chains and food supply to national security.  Greenhouses offer resilient, controlled growing environments capable of producing efficient, targeted, high quality yields.  Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) has a significant and expanding role to play in the Canadian economy.  Ontario Greenhouse vegetable production alone is a billion dollar industry that has plans to grow at unprecedented rates over the next five years.  The sector is rich with innovation and development. Growers, government agencies, NGOs, consutants, and academia have each contributed to moving Canada's CEA industry forward.  While there are examples of inter-agency cooperation, no one agency exists that can act as a central hub for the research, dissemination, and knowledge translation - to put innovation into wide practice.  A prospective GREAT Institute and Network would provide links for the coordination of CEA research opportunities and activities, but also the wider education of all CEA stakeholders (including the public).  Such an Institute would leverage the expertise of grower, government, NGO, and academic members to train the next generation of CEA professionals for Canadian and wider global employment.

Overarching Objectives of the GREAT Institute Proposal.

  • Determine all categories of stakeholder and identify key partners in each category.

  • Highlight the most pressing/strategic research, education, and training needs of the Canadian CEA Industry.

  • Identify challenges/opportunities with current research, education, and training networks/architectures.

  • Determine the pro's and con's of a proposed GREAT Institute and Network.

  • Discuss the value of exporting unique Canadian CEA expertise to the rest of the world.


The Next


Network Webinar


1030hrs - 1200hrs

Education and Training in Controlled Environment Agriculture

GREAT Stakeholders will provide an overview of the type of education and training opportunities available in the Canadian CEA space, attempt to identify gaps and opportunities for growth.

The GREAT Network Webinar Objectives.

  • Give a comprehensive overview of the Post-Secondary Canadian CEA Education and Training sector.

  • Identify gaps and opportunities for growth in the CEA Education and Training space.

    • Explore potential for multi-institutional integrated training packages.​

    • Present recent progress in CEA STEM module development and deployment for primary and secondary school students.

  • Discuss the state of CEA sector public awareness, and opportunities to enhance the awareness of the importance of CEA.

Who Should Participate?


Weigh-in with what's important to you.  Could a central institute for research, education, and training be useful/helpful to the sector?  Do you see a different or better way forward?

This is your sector - participate and shape subsequent efforts in this theme.


Hear what growers are saying.  Contribute your own experiences with similar efforts.  Provide inputs on how such an institute may help to reach stakeholders of government research.


Could a central institute be a helpful conduit to deliver your members' research, education, and training mandates?


Offer your take on what education and training services could be offered by academic institutions.

How could this institute help connect researchers with other experts in the sector with shared interests?

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1030 HRS - 1200 HRS

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THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2020.

1030 HRS - 1200 HRS

Expert Commentary Was Provided By:

Dr. Justine Taylor


Science and Government Relations

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG)

Mr. Lucas Semple

General Manager

Under Sun Acres Inc.

Rising Sun Acres Inc.

Mr. Gene Ingratta

President and CEO

Allegro Acres Inc.

Mr. Peter Quiring

President and CEO

South Essex Fabricating Inc.

and Nature Fresh Farms Inc.

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