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THE CORPORATE PPA 201 WORKSHOP.12.06.2017 Toronto

Get Your Board Shorts.  It's Time To Jump In.

Here's The Deal

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)s are the fastest growing renewable power contract in the United States. Corporations large and small have realized significant economic and environmental benefits of partnering with renewable energy developers to bring new projects into the markets in which they operate.  So what about Canada?  This event will stand on our Corporate PPA 101 foundations and will lead into specific contract structures and terms.  Case studies and a mock contract exercise will be engaged. As with all our events, mutually beneficial opportunities for Canadian Clean Energy Developers, Canadian Corporations, and Canadian Utilities will be identified.

Who Should Attend?


Will a Corporate PPA mitigate financial risk as your original PPA ends?  Is it the best route for new developments?


Does a Corporate PPA save you money and improve your carbon and water footprint?


What’s a utility or system operator’s role in the Corporate PPA?  How can a Regulator benefit?

Workshop Objectives

  • To educate developers and corporations on corporate renewable energy financing mechanisms such as green tariffs, virtual, and physical PPAs.

  • To discuss the economics of choosing renewable energy over carbon trading schemes.

  • To bring together corporations and developers for each to understand the unique needs of the other.

  • To increase awareness of the potential benefits of Corporate PPAs to energy developers and corporations.

    • Corporate sustainability targets (corporations)

    • Long term energy price certainty (corporations)

    • Avoidance of costly and fluctuating greenhouse gas regulations (corporations)

    • Secured financing for new project development (developers)

    • Getting more out of the life of your assets (developers)

    • Retail price comparisons (developers)

  • To address the obstacles facing both parties, including PPA contract term length, regulations, and multi-party projects.

  • Discuss the role of utilities, and system operators in different Corporate PPA structures.

  • To identify available projects and developers.

Attendance Details


0900 hrs - 1300 hrs

Metro Toronto Convention Centre


$99 (if also attending SOLAR CANADA 2017 Expo or Conference)

$125 (if not attending SOLAR CANADA 2017 Expo or Conference)

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