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CLEEN2040 Shift Energy Academy.06.20.2018.UWindsor

Novel Energy Procurement, Peer to Peer Trading, Blockchain Commerce, and Wine

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The world of energy is changing.  Faster than most realize.  What does that mean for you?  Opportunity.  Opportunity to profit.  Opportunity to improve the world we live in.  The key to capitalization is information.  The magnitude and diversity of energy system evolution suggests that a network of expertise is the strategic way forward.  The Climate Led Energy Evolution Network CLEEN2040 is an innovative cross-cutting working group of system operators, utilities, market participants, investors, consultants, government agencies, and academics.

The CLEEN2040 Shift Energy Academy offers 1 Day Events to inform you of the most influential energy change agents within policy, technology, and consumer trends.  This session will focus on how the ways in which we purchase and sell energy are changing.  Specifically, how corporate power procurement and peer to peer energy trading are driving radical modification of future energy system architectures.  Another overarching goal for the event is the construction of critical stakeholder relationships.  Let us plug you in.


Who Should Attend?


Can you advantage your project with new procurement platforms? How do these platforms integrate with the latest community building trends?


How will new energy commerce mechanisms affect utilities?  What is the evolving role of the utility in decentralized generation?


Stay ahead of your client questions.  Reveal new opportunities for business development.


Learn limitations of the present leading edge.  See connections to your current research interests.  Discuss funding opportunities.

Event Objectives

  • To introduce stakeholders to the newest and most burgeoning mechanisms for transactive energy commerce.

  • To provide brief case studies to illustrate functional examples of new procurement and trading mechanisms.

  • To discuss the benefits and costs of different procurement and trading platforms.

  • To identify potential impacts for each stakeholder type brought on with shifts in energy transaction dynamics.

  • To generate conversation between stakeholder types to inform each of relevant concerns.  Identify interest intersections between parties.

  • To establish new connections between stakeholders and grow the CLEEN2040 network.

Attendance Details


1400 hrs - 1700 hrs

*NOTE* Invitation Only CLEEN2040 HQP Function 1000 hrs - 1300 hrs

University of Windsor Centre for Engineering Innovation and Windsor Waterfront

NOTE: This is the day before UWindsor's Energy and Sustainability EAS2018.  Why not attend both and save money?

REGISTRATION (Includes Dinner)

$50 [With Paid EAS2018 Registration] (Until WED.JUN.13.2018)

$75 [With Paid EAS2018 Registration] (After WED.JUN.13.2018)

$100 (Until WED.JUN.13.2018)

$125 (After WED.JUN.13.2018)

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