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EMI Central Workshop


First in a Three Part National Series

The Westin Ottawa 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

A National Energy Modeling Dialogue

The Canadian energy sector is entering a remarkable time of transition.  Decentralization of generation, artificial intelligence (AI) driven - IOT connected demand side management, behind the meter storage, non-traditional procurement structures, and growing trends in sweeping electrification introduce increased uncertainty into models featuring long term projections.   Robust evidence to inform policy design and decision-making is therefore needed to guide this transition in a way to ensure Canada’s economic growth and international positioning.  Canada has strategic expertise across the energy sector.  At present, many researchers are siloed and lack full awareness of the capabilities and pursuits of others in the space.  Natural Resources Canada is working to establish a national electricity/energy systems modelling network that reflects the diverse needs and realities of the country.  A network that can inform electricity stakeholders of paths forward on electrification or other pressing energy-system inquiries

To catalyse this network, the Energy Modelling Initiative was launched.  One objective of this initiative is to gather the energy modelling community at three regional workshops.  These workshops will bring together local energy modellers and users to expand the inventory, convene the modelling community, identify region-specific needs, and ensure that the proposed platform is effective as Canada moves towards a Clean Electric Future.  It is anticipated that the outcomes of these workshops will provide ideas that can serve as a foundation for the establishment of a sustained network of Canadian electricity system and electrification modellers and a platform to share tools and results.

Who Should Attend?


Get a window into the latest in the academic modeling community.  Engage other operators.  Inform the modelling community of the most critical needs during this energy transition.


Gain exposure to the latest developments in modelling tools.  Educate the community on consumer energy agendas and modelling needs.


Connect to the electron consumers.  Understand energy user priorities and challenges.  See what Canadian modeling tools are capable of.  Layout how modeling tools can better support energy policy construction.


Get familiar with the Canadian modeling landscape.  Communicate your expertise to a diverse forum of energy modeling stakeholders.  Improve your understanding of what priorities need to be struck to better serve ISOs, Utilities, Policy Makers and Consumers.

Event Objectives

  • Convene the regional modelling community – modellers and users.

  • Improve understanding of who uses energy models, how they use them, and what needs to improve.

  • Specifically examine energy policy makers' use-of and demand-for modelling results.

  • Explore how to strengthen the community through collaborations and enhanced policy relevance.

  • Capture an overview of models and range of applications.

  • Identify gaps in modelling approaches.

  • Identify region-specific needs.

Attendance Details


0800 hrs - 1630 hrs

Ontario Room Level 3

The Westin Hotel, Ottawa


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