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CLEEN2040 Energy Shift Prepper Academy.OCT.28.2021.Ottawa

Canadian Energy Curriculum Inventory and Gaps, Next-Gen Curriculum Incubator

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The world of energy is changing.  Faster than most realize.  What does that mean for you?  Opportunity.  Opportunity to profit.  Opportunity to improve the world we live in.  The key to capitalization is information.  The magnitude and diversity of energy system evolution suggests that a network of expertise is the strategic way forward.  The Climate Led Energy Evolution Network CLEEN2040 is an innovative cross-cutting working group of system operators, utilities, market participants, investors, consultants, government agencies, and academics.

The CLEEN2040 Energy Shift Prepper Academy offers 1 Day Events to inform you of the most influential energy change agents within policy, technology, and consumer trends.
The overarching objectives of this program are to inform clean energy curriculum development and encourage women to pursue clean energy careers to ultimately advance Canada’s preparedness for continued transition to a clean energy economy.  This will be achieved through engagement with a broad and diverse cross section of clean energy sector stakeholders to gain perspective on the skill sets and experience that will support this transition.  The insights collected will be used to inform how post-secondary institutions can better prepare the highly qualified persons (HQP) that will be entering this sector upon graduation. This research program will advance three of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Affordable and Clean Energy through promotion of partnerships between industry and academia and through raising awareness and support of these 2030 Agenda SDGs.

We are currently seeking stakeholders to join us in June to provide expert insight into (a) the technical and professional skills and experience that they anticipate will be required of future HQP entering the sector, (b) what specific roles women are gravitating towards in the sector and (c) the gaps between the skill sets identified and current Canadian post-secondary clean energy curriculum.

KEYWORDS:  Energy Curriculum Inventory and Gap Analysis, Next-Gen Curriculum Incubator, Gender Equity in the Energy Sector 

Who Should Attend?


Provide inputs, wield your influence - mold your next employees through transformative curriculum incubation exercises.


Gain insights into the current state of affairs in Post-Secondary Energy Curriculum in Canada.  Identify the major gaps.  Participate in future curriculum mapping exercises.


Consider how curriculum should be modified to equip the next generation to improve capacity to drive change.  Energy policy will need to change as quickly as technology - curriculum must transform to enable this.

Attendance Details



1. Register Below For The Online Virtual Event.

[THU.OCT.28.2021 1100-1230]


2. Handful of Seats Remain For In-person Attendance.

[THU.OCT.28.2021 1100-1430]

*NB*To Attend In-person You MUST Contact Us Directly at

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