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CLEEN2040 Energy Shift Prepper Academy.June.19.2019.Windsor

Utility Business Pivot Studies, Consumer Microgrids and Storage, Laughs and Wine

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The world of energy is changing.  Faster than most realize.  What does that mean for you?  Opportunity.  Opportunity to profit.  Opportunity to improve the world we live in.  The key to capitalization is information.  The magnitude and diversity of energy system evolution suggests that a network of expertise is the strategic way forward.  The Climate Led Energy Evolution Network CLEEN2040 is an innovative cross-cutting working group of system operators, utilities, market participants, investors, consultants, government agencies, and academics.

The CLEEN2040 Energy Shift Prepper Academy offers 1 Day Events to inform you of the most influential energy change agents within policy, technology, and consumer trends.


This session will focus on looking at the customer and utility load curves of the future to strategize how your business could position itself to capitalize on the changes ahead.  What does a utility load curve look like with solar shingles on every roof?  Electric cars in every driveway? What about when 50% of major customers leave to procure/generate their own power?  How about net zero construction as the status quo?  Customers will learn what on-site generation, microgrids, and storage may be able to provide for them, particularly when traditional power infrastructure may not be available.


We will generate these scenarios in real time using actual data and collaboratively analyze how these so-called “disruptive” technologies can be tactically integrated into your business planning.  Through these exercises, utilities will think about how to diversify service offerings, avoid unnecessary investment, and empower their customers to be proactive.  Customers will learn about the new energy solution options available to them as their needs grow.  Technology and policy-based instruments will be applied to load curves of the future to illustrate their impact and provide strategies for how your business can diversify its capabilities and pivot towards innovation in a transitioning energy sector.    

KEYWORDS:  Future Energy System Modelling, Energy Utility Business Planning, Energy Policy Impacts, Load Curve Simulator.

Who Should Attend?


See your load curve as you add more solar, EVs, and storage.  Diversify your portfolio and create new value streams.  Gain insight into incentives and technologies that can help you meet the needs of your future customers.


Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Customers will see examples of new energy system architectures that can increase service supply, increase reliability, resiliency, and improve economics.


How will major modifications to consumer, utility, and system operator demand curves impact your business plan? What can you do now to better position your business through this transformation?


Gain insight into the current pressing issues consumers, utilities, and system operators are facing.  Focus your research to support the energy sector through this time of transition.  Create collaboration opportunities.

Event Objectives

  • To construct energy system scenarios that feature notable penetrations of photovoltaics, electric vehicles, energy storage, net zero construction, and non-utility power procurement.

  • To examine the latest developments available to help consumers improve the availability, reliability, resiliency, and cost of their energy.

  • To collaboratively analyze business planning strategies for consumers and utilities to address potentially disruptive energy system changes.

  • To visualize the impacts of technology, policy, and incentive-based instruments on future demand scenarios.

  • To collaboratively analyze new services and value streams for utilities and assess potential risks.

  • To map possible business pivots when facing unexpected future demand scenarios.

  • To educate stakeholders on next-generation transactive models, AI solutions, and end-to-end digitization.

  • To strategize how utilities can enable customer choice while controlling costs and enhancing performance.

  • To plan for integration of distributed energy resources for improved flexibility.

  • To generate conversation between stakeholder types to inform each of relevant concerns.  Identify interest intersections between parties.

  • To establish new connections between stakeholders and grow the CLEEN2040 network.

Attendance Details


1300 hrs - 1600 hrs [CLEEN ACADEMY PROGRAMMING]


Room 3000

Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation, University of Windsor, N9B 3P4



*NB* Networking Dinner is included with your paid Registration!  Now that's a tasty deal.

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