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Sustainable Cities

Planetary change starts with the population.  A growing half of the planet lives in cities - sustainability must live here.

With the rapid urbanization and the climate change challenge, most cities has opted to plan for a resilient sustainable future. Many international organization has established to link cities to engage them in the challenge of becoming resilient, sustainable and smart. They rank cities sustainability and release the most and the least sustainable cities.  Several studies on sustainability indicators, frameworks, models, methodologies and case studies in urban environments have been published in scientific journals and reports by international organizations; However, lack of a user-friendly toolkit to help city practitioners start their challenging transformation by measuring their city’s sustainability level and find the best practices around the world is evident. This project aims to design an evaluation package translating scientific findings in urban sustainability to a user-friendly software that can be used by Cities to measure the sustainability level of their city and find scientific case-specific solutions to accelerate their resiliency and sustainability. It will need access to big data in case of smart cities and will encourage less smart cities to collect the required data from their urban environment. This will address the issue of lack of data in most cities and encourage Cities in an easy guided way to collect the type of data required to be collected to enable them to fulfill their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (2015) and move forward a sustainable future.  

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