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Project Hardwater

It's about hardening our precious water infrastructure. Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are forming more frequently in our fresh water sources - a major threat to water security - how can we swiftly respond - even ahead of time - to ensure people and plants have access to water?

HABs can shut down water distribution systems for days - threats to water security like these can harm residents and threaten the crops of a multi-billion dollar greenhouse food industry. The EEI is collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team of Scientists from UWin, Trent, Queens, and UofT to develop a source-linked system that can predict bloom formations before they happen. Early detection will trigger signals to a shore-side engineering response that will require optimized coordination of widespread network pumping, valve action, and storage procurement between municipal and commercial/industrial assets to bolster water supply security. 

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